Ficras is an Appraisal and Evaluation Platform

FICRAS provides the most efficient Risk Management Process for ordering, receiving, reviewing or performing Evaluations that YOU control

Perform Internal Evaluation

FICRAS enables you to upload your own internal evaluation forms or use the forms provided within FICRAS. All review functions can be processed in house as well. FICRAS includes optional evaluation forms that enable you to keep the process in-house, permitting your own staff to perform Evaluations.

Engage Third Party Evaluation through a portal

Engage your approved third party providers, receive- uploaded data and report into FICRAS- review process and forms are in place. FICRAS includes the ability to add your external evaluator portal to the system for simple selection.

Engage External Evaluator

FICRAS includes the engagement letter, the review process and forms. FICRAS includes the ability for you to select your external evaluator for engagement.

"Make your Appraisal Department
a Profit Center instead of a
Cost Center"

Q: Why is FICRAS a Risk Management System?

A: Because it averts your OCC risk.


Risk Management

FICRAS creates a smooth operational flow from request to report to review of appraisals and evaluations


Risk Management

FICRAS creates a searchable database of appraisals and evaluations for both the lending and credit teams to use in the risk management.


Risk Management

FICRAS includes regulatory compliant forms and verbiage for ordering, receiving and reviewing appraisals and evaluation.

Another Benefit to You!

FICRAS is designed to be effectively FREE to a bank because it is transaction based. The bank is not charged a purchase fee, sign-up fee or training fee to use FICRAS.

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